Friday, March 23, 2018

About Lagundi


While visiting the Philippines, caught what seemed to be cold, all the symptoms of a cold anyway.
 Normally when I catch a cold each year, it slowly takes over my time and energy. Not to mention the irritability and pain that comes with a bad cold. I found myself a little worried I would end up in bed and lose a few days of a busy schedule. The whole thing made me nervous.

My Brother Ron Hawkins and I both came down with the same cold, so we headed out to find something Natural with would ease out coughing and sneezing.
We walked to the first Pharmacy we see and I asked the lady if she had something we can take for a cold. She said sure, she went over and brought capsules called Ascof.

The Pharmacist told us to take three times and day for 3 days.
I started right away.

The beginning the second day, I felt less irritation and had less mucus. So my cough was less frequent. The next morning I was ready for my 7th Capsule and even less sneezing and very little cough. On the fourth day  I forgot I had a cold.

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